openheart collage

One of my first passions: collage!

Just started a glue book and I am so excited! Here is the cover:
gluebook cover

A glue book is a place where you do whatever you want with: paste in inspiring clippings, collage in food wrappers and drawings, journal, whatever!

gluebook trust

It’s fun and I find that it really frees up my creativity. It helps me feed my wild spirit with words and images that catch my eye. It isn’t until the last thing is glued in that it comes together.

gluebook joy

I’ve used an old psychology book that I didn’t want anymore and I find the yellowed pages gives it an interesting vibe. I like how I refuse to make rules for myself when I do it and allow myself to not be perfect… something I often don’t do enough when I paint.

Here’s the awesome blog where I was inspired to start it: