She-who-is-the-Dreamer stepped out into the dawn. Awoken by the sunbeams in her eyes, she lifted her heavy eyelids to see the crystals he had given her last night: smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst- all were hers now.
He was Keeper-of-the-Moonchild, and she, she was his lover. Together they made crystal-babies that sprinkled down to earth in the form of asteroid diamonds and meteorite emeralds. His love for her never surprised her, but left her shaking with delight.
It was last night they decided to stop seeing each other. The earth was too encrusted with their jewels now. Heavy with starlight, it blinded the sun with it’s own reflection. Keeper-of-the-Moonchild left her the last three crystals they had made together and said good-bye.
She-who-is-the-Dreamer thought she would be okay, but sparkling liquid streamed from her eyes and so she buried herself in a tourmaline cave within the deepest pit of earth and let it fill up with her despair. The light of dawn was too sad to remember.
Keeper-of-the-Moonchild made a fort for himself on the moon out of milky-white ash. He gave his body to this private place- his bones for beams, his voice for windows. Only the earth, now like a crystal sun, would he allow himself to see as a reminder of her.
After much time, the earth began to change. No longer did blinding, jagged facets encircle it’s crust, but instead, a swirling and rippling shimmer began to envelope the whole sphere. Seeing this, Keeper-of-the-Moonchild felt it safe to leave his moonfort, but since he had already given his body, he could only travel there by breath. When he found her, She-who-is-the-Dreamer, now trapped under a sea of her own doing, he convinced her to leave her own body, too.
The lovers, once more embraced, danced upon the waters of the earth. Seeing their love through the water, the crystal-babies cried out with joy and it shook the earth until many of them broke up into sand, dirt, mud and all things that come after.