Dance to the Gravestones

It’s a maddening force this slip of the wind
between the shadows of root and sky.

We like to dance to the gravestones and exchange
whispered night dreams
but really, where do we go at night?

It’s a quieting revelry of bones and need-blood
the ancients who speak of half lies.

A neighboring field, run sweating love-lunge
of grasping breathless hushed cries.

Let us be the night queen of everything unseen
in this makeshift lullaby.

For we want and we crave it-
this world, can we make it?
To live
although we will die.

-B. Waller




A flower.

Naked vessel blushing on the pad of your finger.
So small,
so tiny,
a breath
could blow it away.

You wait for me to take it,
stolen identities have formed on each petal,
milleniums of surviving and thriving-
now torn from the earth.

All the while,
thin whispers
of prehistoric wars
battle inside these veins
of ironic decay.

Night Girl

Night Girl

Black is the night girl
who runs with the stars,
she who camoflauges into shadow sky.

Wild is the night girl
Who adventures in the darkness,
She who speaks with arcane hollowed eyes.

Deep is the night girl
Who whispers with the soil,
She who feeds deeply of pale-blue moonlight.

Free is the night girl
Who dances breathlessly till dawn,
She who remains grounded while also in flight.

She speaks coyote
She drinks cactus
She rides bareback
She haunts all of us

She laughs thunder

She dances firefly

She smells wildflower

She whispers lullaby


She chants toad

She weeps lighting

She pulses earth

She sings everything


She smokes wind

She spits rain

She breathes stars

She embodies arcane.


She is the biker with longhair.

She is the courage against nightmare.

She is the intensely beautiful stare.

She is the I who wills to dare.


Intertwine a River

Intertwine a River


I am sending endlessly

a stream of love to you.

If you care to follow me

Be your Beauty.

Be your Truth.

Follow me to downward streams

Replenishing all the land.

Listen closely as I feed

The animals, the trees, the sand.

Keep watch for stagnant waters

Where you cannot be free.

Flowing with my waters

Is not to Do but is to Be.

And if you find yourself stuck,

Create whirlpools, waves and mud.

For being hope will lead to freedom,

Where the Drought welcomes the Flood.