I am so thrilled to find I can access my blog again! Where the heck did I go you may or may not ask? I’ve been a gypsy among the cornfields traveling from place to place. I’ve finished grad school, started my career as a counselor and bought my dream house nestled in a wooded valley. Rocks speak to me now and my days are filled with children laughing and exploring my new environment. I am excited to update this with my newest art and poetry! Brightest blessings my friends!


Hello again!

hello again!

Dance to the Gravestones

It’s a maddening force this slip of the wind
between the shadows of root and sky.

We like to dance to the gravestones and exchange
whispered night dreams
but really, where do we go at night?

It’s a quieting revelry of bones and need-blood
the ancients who speak of half lies.

A neighboring field, run sweating love-lunge
of grasping breathless hushed cries.

Let us be the night queen of everything unseen
in this makeshift lullaby.

For we want and we crave it-
this world, can we make it?
To live
although we will die.

-B. Waller

Dragon King
-B. Waller

Painted this for my lovely hubby on his 30th birthday. I used to think Celtic knots would be hard to draw/paint until I tried it. Simply draw a spiraled line and connect it to its beginning. Outline this loopiness all around it but take care to draw every other line crossing so that the lines alternate between which one is getting crossed. Ok… That may have sounded confusing, but trust me, experiment and you will get the hang of it! Good luck and thanks for stopping in~

Hermit on the Hill
-B. Waller

I painted this to remind me of all the sacred, secret places I want to find.